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Chemical Guys - Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash 473ML

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Why Buy This Product?

- Deep surface cleanser car wash soap.
- Removes old wax and sealant.
- Allows new wax, clear bras, and vehicle wraps to stick directly to surface for superior longer-lasting bond and protection.
- Maximum cleaning power.
- Slick lubricants reduce wash swirls and scratches.
- Washes away heavy dirt and grime.
- Rinses clean without any residue.


How it Works
Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash is a premium car soap that strips away old wax before a full detail. The advanced cleaning formula removes dirt, debris, and old layers of wax to prepare the surface for further detailing treatments or vehicle wrapping. Clean Slate is super-concentrated for maximum cleaning power, and rinses clean without any residue. Professional detailers routinely remove old layers of wax and sealant that block fresh wax, clear bras, and vinyl wraps from sticking directly to paintwork. Wash with Clean Slate before polishing to avoid wax residue buildup on polishing pads. Remove leftover coatings with Clean Slate to make clay bar decontamination services faster and easier. Use Clean Slate after polishing to remove oils and residues before applying vehicle coatings, clear bra wraps, vinyl wraps, decals, or protective wax. Clean Slate provides maximum lubrication to avoid installing any swirls or scratches while washing any vehicle. Clean Slate is pH-balanced, non-caustic, and will not dry out any plastic, rubber, or vinyl surfaces found on bumpers and mirrors. Clean and prepare the surface of your vehicle for a fresh layer of wax and sealant, or wraps and decals. Wash away old detailing jobs and start fresh with Chemical Guys Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash.


Part Number  CWS80316 
UPC  811339022973
Size  16 ounces / 473ml
Top  Flip cap 
Dilution  1 ounce to 5 gallons of water 
Scent  Citrus
Color  Yellow 
Gloss Enhancer  No 
Wax  No 
Foam  Moderate 
wax/sealant safe  No, this product is meant to strip wax/sealants 
Works in foam gun  Yes 
Slickness level  High 
pH balanced  Yes 
Safe for light color cars  Yes 
Safe for dark color cars  Yes 

Productcode CWS_803_16
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